Quality Solutions, Close To Home.

From Ontario, through the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern US to as far South as Monterrey Mexico, fully one-half of the areas we serve are within a three-hour response window, with many of those actually under two hours. Even in a worst-case scenario, one of our Travel Teams is generally no more than 12 hours from being on-site and working. Please refer to the map below for responsive, convenient access to these services:

  • Quality inspection/containment
  • Packing/Re-packing
  • Self compliance auditing
  • Oversight and Process Management
  • Controlled Shipping: CS1 and CS2
  • Sequencing/Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Repair/rework
  • Visual inspection
  • Gauging applications
  • Yard containment
  • Product launch assurance
  • Interactive Project Management Portal
Sam Brown
National Sales Manager
Midwest, Mid Atlantic, South/West
Cell: (859) 388-0424
E-mail: sbrown@fcqs.com
John Kulish
Area Sales Manager
Canada, Upper Midwest
Cell: (248) 303-6111
E-mail: jkulish@fcqs.com