A Trusted Resource. A Capable Partner.

First Call Quality Solutions. Our name tells you everything you need to know about how we think about our business. And yours. When we talk about our array of services, we’re really talking about more than that – solutions that mean efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality assurance that we just don’t think you can find with other quality services providers.

Partnership. Professionalism. Process. People. Whether you’re facing a containment situation or simply looking to improve your own processes and cement your own reputation for quality, we’re there for you at every turn. Make us your first call. And see the difference for yourself.

Inspection and Containment

Inspection, whether as a quality assurance measure for individual parts or as the cornerstone of managing a containment situation, is something upon which we’ve built our own quality reputation. We look for deficiency in product – and in process – to ensure quality outcomes for you.


Accuracy and integrity are essential in readying your products for transport and delivery. We never lose sight of the fact that your reputation is in our hands and that our work is a direct reflection on your own quality standards and directly impacts your customer relationships.

Self Compliance Auditing

We’ll take on some of the responsibility you’ve assumed in establishing, fostering and ensuring that your own high quality standards are met. Day in and day out. We won’t need to help manage a containment if there isn’t one to begin with. Your first call for compliance.

Oversight and Process Management

QC. According to ISO 9000 definition, it’s the area of quality management specifically focused on fulfilling quality requirements. Our people – our processes – deliver just that. Our team oriented approach and our on-site team leads will make a difference to you and your operation.

Controlled Shipping

We’re your go-to for initial inspection at your location with the goal being to isolate your customer – and you – from non-conforming parts. We also provide a reliable and trusted objective third-party assessment for your CS 2 needs. CS1 and CS 2 – just one call away.


Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your call to First Call Quality solutions connects you to kitting and sequencing quality assurance that’s second to none. Damage control. Accuracy. Efficiency. Inventory management. Quality inspection. Let us put together a plan for you.


We create a job book specific to every single assembly outlining, in detail, the exact procedures that must be undertaken to assemble, inspect and pack to your quality specifications. And ours. We ensure a solid procedural foundation that, when coupled with reliable and trusted associates, means POM for you.


If our QA process results in a rejection and tagging for non-conformance, we hold the part in question in our QA hold area for further inspection and final disposition. Our job is to minimize reworks, but we’ll also back you all the way should a rare repair be required.

Visual Inspection

An exacting visual inspection is central to our QA process, often representing the difference between going to Certification and Audit or being failed and tagged for review. Even when not required, e.g. in a simple re-pack, our associates have identified out-of-compliance parts and helped protect our customers’ reputations.

Gauging Applications

Does your quality services company measure up? The same kind exacting procedures and job management process that go into our inspection solutions are reflected in our gauging applications. Here, people and process are the true measure of quality as we take your application from assessment through certification.

Yard Containment

We’re a quality containment company. If you are on containment, you want a quality solutions company to work with you on efficiencies, to identify and fix process issues and to protect your reputation. Our goal is to work you through it. And past it. Quickly and cost efficiently.

Product Launch Assurance

The last thing you want to worry about when launching a new product is launching your new product. Quality assurance from product to packing, meticulous recording and reporting and a proven process for delivering quality all help protect your supplier, their distribution channels and their customers.

Interactive Project Management Portal

Communication is the heart of any process. Our interactive project management portal puts all aspects of your project, from inception through to a successful outcome, within reach, 24/7. Track. Interact. Manage. Assess. Monitor. Report. Budget. It’s all here. And right at the tips of your fingers.